Strategy Planning

As experts in ISO based management systems we regularly work with clients on a variety of management systems. As a result, we do have a lot of experience in general business management consultancy. But we are not business process or change experts..

Understanding the business and it’s strategy

A fundamental part of any ISO based management system is understanding the business and it’s strategy. Sometimes our clients want help in arriving at the strategy, and where we feel between us neither the client or Episode has sufficient expertise, we introduce the partner that helped shape the approach and material we use in our systems, DPI.

Consult the strategic planning experts

However well informed Episode consultants are, there are times when specialist support is needed. As a result of our clients wanting one provider to deliver all of their system needs, we spent quite some time finding the right partner to be able to do this.

DPI – decision processes international is an associate partner of Episode. We are blessed that one of their European partners, Nigel Cork, is based in Yorkshire, along with us.

Transforming potential, striving for growth

DPI is passionate about partnering with clients to achieve transformational Strategic Thinking, Product Innovation and Employee Engagement. Organisations exist to provide products or services to markets and users. The management teams, owners, directors, shareholders of these organisations are united in wanting their company to be successful.

An organisation’s growth is a journey. Sometimes the journey is effortless and organic. At other times, organisations need to draw on specific skills sets and expertise to consciously drive growth and remain competitive.

What does DPI do?

DPI thrives on helping organisations to gain structure and clarity in their strategic thinking. When working with Episode, we jointly establish the structure needed (based on ISO 9001), and agree with our client how best to then shape the organisation’s strategy and delivery plans. Typically this will lead to a holistic “critical thinking processes” programme driven by the dpi consultant.

Critical Thinking Processes

DPI’s tailored services and development programs enable its clients to consistently outthink and out-pace the market place to achieve strategic supremacy. The DPI Critical Thinking Processes that make this a reality are:

  • Strategy
  • Disruption
  • Innovation
  • Situation Management

Why they do it

DPI knows that every business can improve its performance, growth and potential if it knows where to look to get the information and the insight to make the right decisions.

How do we know that their approach works?

  • DPI has successfully introduced its critical thinking processes into more than 3000 organisations, worldwide.
  • They know that their unique approach works because they and their clients see the results.
  • Most of their clients

To find out more get in contact with Episode on 0113 801 9001, and DPI on 0203 744 1161 or via their website 

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It was only by utilising the expert guidance and experience of ‘Episode Ltd.’ That Thurston Group was able to attain certification within an exceptionally challenging time frame. We therefore offer our thanks to Episode Ltd. For the diligent and professional services provided. We also look forward to working with them again soon and would not hesitate to recommend their services."


Peter Spieight, Senior Divisional Director, Thurston Group, Wakefield

Roger's support was invaluable in terms of gap analysis, recommendations for improvement, and facilitation of the certification process. I would strongly recommend Roger to any organisation wishing to develop or improve its management systems, in a way which minimizes bureaucracy, and focuses on best serving the needs of the organization.

Gary Evans, Flour Corporation, Abu Dhabi