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Ongoing staff development and training is an essential part of ISO certification compliance. We can deliver a wide range of training to suit your needs.

Awareness Training Sessions

When you first implement a new management system it is important to get everybody in the organisation up to speed. We always recommend awareness training sessions for key staff prior to certification as it is one of the things external auditors look for. More importantly, it is the best way to ensure the system is adopted into the day to day running of the organisation, and having spent time and money getting to this point it make sense to maximise your return on investment.

Internal Auditing

There are companies out there that will try to sell you training courses that are 2, 3 or more days long, and are classroom based. Certification Bodies, the people that certify your systems are very good at upselling this.

Whilst there is a need for some classroom type learning, we firmly believe the best way to learn is by doing.

We typically spend a day with clients doing three things

  1. Demystifying the standard(s) they are working to (15% of the day)
  2. Explaining the various ways internal auditing can be done (one of which is based on another ISO standard, ISO 19011, guidelines for auditing management systems (15% of the day)
  3. Doing real, onsite, internal audits (70% of the day).

It can be scary being asked to internally audit.

By de-bunking the myths around the process, giving simple & effective tools to work with, and most importantly coaching people in live situations, people always say “OK, that makes sense. Not as difficult as I thought it was going to be”.

Senior Management Engagement

Three of the biggest ISO standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 were revised recently. An important part of those revisions was a much greater focus both on senior management engagement, and true integration of the management system with the normal operations of the organisation. We tailor sessions to suit your needs and help raise awareness at Board level, vital for successful certification.

Internal Auditing Training

This is an essential activity in the gaining and retaining of certification. ISO standards call for competent people carrying out audits, and we will get them to that point.

Managing change

Often when a new management system is implemented organisations take the opportunity to change the way things are done. We support clients in helping imbed those new ways of working seamlessly so that they get the transformation they are seeking.

Health, safety and environmental management training

Either delivered by ourselves, or if specialist knowledge is required in conjunction with our key partners, there is a raft of training options available from seminars and workshops through to e-learning.

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It was only by utilising the expert guidance and experience of Episode that Thurston Group was able to attain certification within an exceptionally challenging time frame. We therefore offer our thanks to Episode Ltd. For the diligent and professional services provided. We also look forward to working with them again soon and would not hesitate to recommend their services."

Peter Spieight, Senior Divisional Director, Thurston Group, Wakefield

Roger's support was invaluable in terms of gap analysis, recommendations for improvement, and facilitation of the certification process. I would strongly recommend Roger to any organisation wishing to develop or improve its management systems, in a way which minimizes bureaucracy, and focuses on best serving the needs of the organization.

Gary Evans, Flour Corporation, Abu Dhabi

Roger and Sandy at Episode were  great in helping us achieve not only one but two ISO standards 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. Episode were extremely helpful from the onset, they were able to break down the ISO standard so they were easily comprehensible and well applied to our business in a sustainable manner.  They are a company that offers a guaranteed certification at the end of the process and they delivered it.  I believe that the work completed during this process was key to us having won the Leeds Bid contract.

Harvey Mills, Managing Director, Forge Recycling, Leeds. 

If Sandy hasn’t already updated you we are delighted to say we passed the transition audit for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  Sandy did an absolutely fab job and all credit to her, we have loved having both of you here it’s been a pleasure.

I have had a brief chat with Morgan[the CEO] about the next steps and how we manage things going forwards.  Morgan will be in touch with you soon about this and getting Episode/Sandy back in on a regular basis. Once again many thanks for everything and especially to Sandy!!

Morag Tearne, HR and Health & Safety Manager, H. Slingsby plc, Shipley

Episode is always prepared to go the extra mile. When in a tight spot the lead consultant carried out an audit for us at very short notice (on a Sunday afternoon) to keep us on track. What is important to us is the advice they give us is practical and tailored to us. The quality of output Episode produces is very high. 

This has resulted in us having a multi-year managed service from Episode so as a company we know our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 integrated system is up to date and working for us. 

Gareth Walters, Financial Controller, Sports Turf Research Institute, Bingley.

When asked by Episode what three things they do well, and what three things they could improve upon, my answers were:

Done well

1. Client Communication, responded to queries very quickly

2. Requirements of the standard were communicated in a simple manner.

3. Assistance from initial implementation to date of assessment was very good.

I can honestly there is nothing I feel they should improve upon.

Paul Hunneybell, Operations Manager, Fenland Fire Contracts Limited, Luton

The consultant worked with the team in Scott Bader Middle East Ltd. to completely re-engineer our Integrated Management System incorporating ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Until then we were slaves to the ISO audits, with the systems not adding much value beyond certification. Now we have a business management system that really works for us and is truly integrated into our operations. We were also successfully re-certified along the way.

John Kemp, CEO Scott Bader Middle East, Africa and Asia

The consultant really focused on making our systems and processes work better for us, not just help us comply with ISO 9001. He was able to work with Department Heads and Senior Management to shape their strategic thinking about quality and business objectives without telling them what they had to do because the standard says so.

Karim D'Alessandro, HSE Director, Shelf Drilling Inc.