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Health & Safety

Not only is it a legal and moral requirement for organisations to operate in a safe way, tangible financial benefits can be gained through proactively managing your health & safety. Taking a systematic approach to health and safety makes managing your business both easier and more effective.

Related Standards

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ISO 45001

Meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction
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ISO 39001

Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems — Requirements with guidance for use

All organisations are required to comply with occupational health & safety law.

Companies with 5 or more employees must have a documented management system, and standards provide the best practice way of doing this.

At the core of any H&S system is taking a consistent, objective approach to identifying risks, and mitigating these risks. By doing this you work out the best way to handle each key activity and make sure that everyone uses the same approach every time.

A consistent approach like this reduces the number of mistakes and the cost of correcting problems and reduces the level of risk and ensures that you comply with laws.

This can positively influence your business:

  • Improved health and safety performance by your business will reduce the costs associated with accidents and incidents.
  • Improved awareness of legal requirements reduces the chance that you will commit any offences. The HSE will generally regulate your business with a lighter touch if it is well managed.
  • Improved relations with staff. If they feel well taken care of, morale is improved.
  • A proactive approach to H&S improves your image and helps generate positive PR for your business.
  • Improving the efficiency of your business reduces your costs.
  • You can demonstrate to your insurers that you are controlling risk effectively. This may help lower your insurance premiums.
  • Banks and investors will be more willing to finance your business if you can show that it is well managed.
  • Business partners have more confidence in your business. Larger companies and government agencies may only buy from businesses that can show effective management systems.

Confidence in your management systems will be highest if you can demonstrate that you comply with recognised management standards, such as ISO 45001. Where Episode excels is translating standards into real world operational systems for our clients.