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Getting the quality of your products and service right is vital. Doing that profitably means you need an efficient business management system as well as quality control. A good quality management system delivers just that.

Related Standards


ISO 9001

Meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction

ISO 13485

Compliance to laws in quality management systems in medical devices.

Meeting and exceeding customer needs is the most fundamental part of an organisation, public or private sector.

To be sustainable this has to be done whilst balancing the cost to provide your products and services.

There are many systems and processes that come together to make this happen - from managing their initial enquiry through to delivering products and services. These processes ensure that your customer is satisfied with what you have delivered, and you continue to be profitable.

In order to ensure that all of these different processes and tasks are managed in a consistent way companies adopt a quality management system.

When implemented properly, the quality management system will ensure that all of the interrelated processes of the business are controlled so that no problems occur when the output of one process leads to the next. In many cases, this structure becomes more of a business management system as it identifies and controls all of the processes in your business.

Standards help us do just that, and where Episode excels is translating standards into real world operational systems for our clients.